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  1. ElevatedRP Update Log [Alpha 0.1.4] Additions • Added ability to create upto 4 entirely spereate roleplay characters! You can create / select your character when you connect • Added a new pie menu with a ton of quick access commands for emotes / showing ID / interacting with vehicles. Hold M to bring it up (Menu changes while in / out of a vehicle) • New swaggy looking car speedo with fuel level • In-game Adverts • Added a skill system, more news to come on that • Added new animations. Trigger via chat. /e <animation> or /e help for a full list • You can now toggle your cars neon on and off via /neon • Added Flashbangs for police • Added NOS for cars, you can buy a Nitros Wrench and a NOS cannister from the black market and add NOS to your vehicle by walking up to the engine bay • Added a 13 Mile long race track with 3 different courses, accessable via the docks • Audible and visual notifications when not wearing a seatbelt for idiots like me that always get thrown out of cars Modifications • Cleaned up the overall in-game chat look and feel • You can no longer jump while cuffed • Cleaned up the car & street maps HUD • Cleaned up AOP location and message • Removed old car control menu, replaced with addition #2 Misc • Fixed sent messages to mechanics not able to be seen by the sender • Fixed an issue with certain players having access to a police only tool • All police now have access to /jail • Some slight modifications to streetraces for events • Various minor bug fixes • The bank app is now on the phone homescreen • Players can now use numpad 4/5/6 to Put hands on holster, Put Hands up, Put hands on radio • Updated loading screen