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    ELEVATED RP RULES In-Character We implore that you stay IC. Going OOC should be a last resort and completely avoided if possible. Do not use twitter or 911 in an OOC context. You will receive a warning upon doing so. We aim to have an environment of immersion. Discuss anything OOC that doesn’t pertain to what happens in the city in discord or other means of communication Out-Of-Character Anyone breaking character to do things such as calling out FailRP, RDM, VDM will be given a warning. Write up a report using /report or in our forums to address any grievances or complaints. Staff/Administration will deal with the situation promptly. Wait until administration or staff arrives to the scene to discuss the scenario OOC. Please remain in character until that time. You can discuss OOC things if the parties involved consent to it and you are not in range of other players. Do not ruin others’ immersion for random chatter Metagaming Using any information obtained outside of your IC roleplay cannot be used to your advantage or against another player. This information/actions should be developed or obtained in an organic manner. If you are caught metagaming by an administrator or by another player with proof you will be issued a warning/kick/ban. Pause of Roleplay If a server rule is broken, we insist that you finish out the RP prior to reporting the actions to Administration. Administrators are allowed to pause roleplay if major rules are being compromised. RP can be paused if all parties involved agree to it. Powergaming Committing any action, verbal or physical, that prevents other parties involved from having their reaction to the current RP is not allowed. Any party involved in the scenario should have their chance to react properly. Roleplay that is unrealistic by using actions that would be superhuman is a form of powergaming. NLR Players start a new life once their bleed out timer expires. If they are revived by EMS or EMS-Trained LEOs the NLR does not apply. If your timer expires during an active RP scenario such as a robbery, you are not allowed to respawn until you are revived. Non-Roleplay Unrealistic actions that promote low quality roleplay. Examples of actions that are non-Roleplay Cop Baiting Unrealistic Jumping (Vehicle or Pedestrian) Ramming vehicles without RPing injury Using spawnable work vehicles for criminal activities (taxi, miner trucks, fueler tankers) Swimming in the ocean for unrealistic amounts of time Asking to be revived due to your mistakes and or being killed by a friend. First offense will result in a warning. Learn from your mistakes. Disconnecting from the server during roleplay due to lack of interest in the roleplay. If disconnected due to internet or computer issues, user should inform players involved that you will be returning if possible When you return, you should attempt to resume your roleplay with the parties involved. If you purposely disconnect to avoid RP, admin sits, or disciplinary actions you will be warned/kicked/banned depending on your actions. Sexual Roleplay Sexual Roleplay should be consensual among all parties involved. It should be done in private to avoid compromising other players’ RP experience. Use area chat, /me, or player animations to act out your roleplay. Keep it out of OOC, Twitter, or any other text channels Green Zones All government offices, law enforcement offices, hospitals, banks, and the blocks around them. Banks are excluded from being a Green Zone only during Bank Robberies. Banks that can’t be robbed or are not in an active bank robbery RP are green zones. Garages Mechanic Shops Money Wash Locations This only applies on criminal-criminal interactions. LEO players are allowed to pursue and take down individuals involved in robberies FailRP Any action that a player commits (driving, shooting, etc) that is unrealistic or removes other players’ immersion is considered FailRP. You can’t drive a sports car up the side of a mountain and expect it to function properly Shooting out of your vehicle as a driver is considered FailRP, regardless of the speed. The passenger is only allowed to shoot under 60mph. FearRP Fear roleplay is the concept of role playing fear for your character’s safety and life as if it was your own As a victim when your life is in danger you must display reasonable value for your life and comply with demands of your attacker/kidnapper Note: If your communication is taken, you can NOT call 911 or assistance from a friend If players have you hostage or are attempting to rob you with guns pointed at you and you are unarmed, comply with their demands as long as they abide by server rules. RDM Random Death Match (RDM) is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason Players must allow their victim enough time to comply with all demands Players may not kill their victim if the victim is in compliance unless the RP has lead to this event Hits and Drivebys must be agreed upon OOC with evidence of your reasoning Players are not allowed to kill each other (firearm, melee, etc) without any sort of RP that leads up to the violent interaction. Random murder of other players will result in a warning/kick/ban. VDM Vehicle Death Match (VDM) is the act of attacking a player or their property with a vehicle Vehicles can not be used to attack a player or their property unless the RP scenario leads to the event Robbery Players are allowed to rob stores/banks as long as they adhere to the following rules: A max of 5 assailants can commit a bank robbery A max of 4 assailants can commit a store robbery Hostage You are allowed to take hostages for RP scenarios. Your friend is not allowed to be your hostage. There are plenty of ways to RP taking a hostage. Any player caught not complying as a hostage will receive a warning/kick for breaking FearRP. You can’t hold your hostage idle over 30 minutes. You must use them in a RP scenario such as a bank robbery or trading them for ransom accordingly. Arrest/Jail When you are placed under arrest, the officers will search your person for any illegal contraband, weapons, etc, and seize them along with any vehicle(s) used to commit the crime(s). You will be read your rights and then escorted to the PD or straight to the Jail to be processed and booked. It will be considered FailRP if you attack an officer or move when he removes your cuffs to place you in jail. Your cuffs have to be off for you to be jailed properly. You can’t use that moment to exploit the mechanic, you will be punished with a warning/kick/ban depending on your actions. Cheating Any form of modding or exploiting will result in a permanent ban Players must NOT have mods, trainers or any kind of third party software installed that gives a player an advantage Any server bug is NOT to be used for gaining an advantage and should be reported to admin staff immediately Communication Rules Microphone is required for joining. “Hot-Mic” or “Open-Mic” are not allowed and will result in a kick. Basic knowledge of English is required to play. Not adhering to this will result in a kick. Do not advertise anything outside of our server (i.e. other servers, streams, etc). You will receive a warning upon first offense. A ban will be issued if it continues. Anything considered derogatory or racist language will be taken serious and appropriate action will be taken. You will be banned from the community/server Admin/Staff Rules Administrators should behave in a way that doesn’t destroy or demean other players’ roleplay experience Any staff can become involved in a roleplay scenario if server rules are compromised Admins/Staff that are part of a faction may not use any abilities that will give them an advantage in a roleplay scenario they are involved in Players should be given a chance to explain their actions prior to undergoing punishment