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  1. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOW GANG RULES AS THEY APPLY TO ALL MEMBERS OF OFFICIAL GANGS. THE LINK TO THE RULES FOR ALL OFFICIAL AND UNOFFICIAL GANGS IS BELOW: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_mpb7BcdSxNkvXMmIKxd_oE4zQuLqfSr5NYn04VdhTc/edit?usp=sharing If you are an unofficial gang that wants to become official, I suggest you get to know these rules. They will play a big part in seeing if you will become official or not based on your prior RP experience in the city and rule-following. If you are unofficial gang status, please apply on our forums and follow THE CARTEL's gang application as a reference on the type of work and effort we expect from gangs. Thank you and have a good time RP'ing!
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